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Introducing a new multi-tasking experience for Yahoo Mail

A month ago, we launched a new experience for Yahoo Mail. Our goal was to let you accomplish even more with your inbox, making everyday communications easy and simple. While we made a lot of improvements, many of you reached out to let us know what elements you missed most.

From that feedback, we designed a simplified way to switch between things you’re working on with a new Recent view. It was clear how important it is to be able to quickly jump between emails, search results and drafts.  In our previous version, many people used tabs for this.  The downside was that more tabs would open as you did more in your inbox…which actually made it hard to multi-task.

This feature returns the multi-tasking benefits of tabs to your Yahoo Mail, but with some important improvements. You will find the new Recent view just under the Folders in the left navigation of your inbox.


Here’s how it works:  Every time you log into Yahoo Mail from your computer, you will now be able to see three sets of your most recent activities by clicking on Recent view: messages you’re composing, recently opened emails and your latest search. To make it easy to identify individual messages even when you have a lot open, only the ten most recent will appear.

If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts, the same commands you used to move between tabs works with the Recent view. You can cycle to the next item easily with the shortcut Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] on Windows and ⌘+[ and ⌘+] on Mac. If you want to manually remove a message or search from listing, just mouse over the item and click the “x.”

The Recent view will be rolling out starting today and over the next week, so you will see it soon. We’re working hard to make reading, writing and finding messages easier and more powerful and your feedback is important. Please continue to let us know what you think.

by Ratan Hudda, Director, Engineering