An Update to Yahoo Mail’s Supported Browser Policy

By Jeff Bonforte, SVP, Communication Products

The Yahoo Mail team strives to provide the best and safest inbox to our users. But to do this effectively, we are dependent on the frequent and important advances in the web browser. Whether it is security, speed or functionality, there have been countless key improvements in the past few years. 

As a result, beginning June 5, Yahoo Mail is updating its supported web browser policy to cover only the two most recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. For those users who cannot or do not wish to update their browser, we will automatically switch them from our full-featured version of Yahoo Mail to our Basic Mail experience.

Users not running one of the supported browsers will see a new notification starting today with instructions on how to upgrade their browser. By far, the largest group of users affected by this updated policy are those running Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), a browser that is now more than five years old.

We understand that this policy update may be frustrating for some affected users. We appreciate their help in upgrading their browser and hope that the subsequent improvements in security, speed and functionality not just in Yahoo Mail but across their entire web experience will be welcomed. And we are happy that going forward these current version browsers include “auto-updating,” so users get the safest and most current browser without the hassle of manually upgrading.