100 million ways to say I love you with Yahoo Mail

This one goes out to all you lovebirds out there!

Introducing Autocompose by Yahoo Mail. The first love letter generator that lives right in your inbox. Just choose the kind of love you want to send and let Autocompose do the rest. Finally, the perfect words for everyone in your life.

Tell your sweetie that they play the strings of your heart with delicate grace, or tell your best friend that you wish you had even a quarter of their swagger. Feeling disenchanted with V-Day? There’s a whole category for you, too. With 100 million different message options, there’s no shortage of love to go around.

Say it with Autocompose. The best love note you never wrote is available via web mail on mail.yahoo.com (US English) today through midnight PT on Sunday, February 16.

Here’s how to generate love notes with Autocompose:

1. Log in to Yahoo Mail on your computer. Click on the ❤ next to Compose


2. Choose the type of message you’d like to send


3. Click on Autocompose button to find the perfect letter


4. Edit the note to your liking, then send.

We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s day feature.

Happy Valentine’s day to you and to everyone you love!

The Yahoo Mail Team